"Hard Promises" Update - Q&A

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"Hard Promises" Update - Q&A

Maybe you have a lot of thoughts or questions about the latest update - maybe not. Either way, if you post anything here, we'll answer it as best as we can.

Just realized that you guys

Just realized that you guys are back from the dead ;D
(Guess I'm a month late. ^^)

I'm really glad that you decided to keep going. To be honest I had already given up hope that this project would return. The progress you guys already have accomplished is pretty impressive considering the circumstances and the dev blog was a fun read.

One thing I noticed is that whenever I try to access the "About page" I get access denied. (I know this is not the right forum but this doesn't really justify creating a new thread.)

Good job and good luck ;D

Hi Scont,

Hi Scont,

Glad to see you around! :)

Also thanks for the kind words & empathy!

Special thanks for the bug report! Please refresh and try About again! It seems some of us accidentally unpublished the page... :) 

(this "bug" would definitely worth going with tags like #how-lame #indie-luck #long-working-days)

Hey Scont!

Glad to "see" ya!

FYI when Mat says someone accidentally unpublished the page...he means me. Sigh. LOL

Damn that was fast ;D

Damn that was fast ;D
It's working now.

Glad it works. :)

Glad it works. :)

Unfortunately, the page was getting a few dozen visits while it was unpublished (which we simply didn't realize as editors can freely visit unpublished pages).

So we owe you one for spotting the issue, as that allowed us to fix the problem before other dozens would literally arrive to our closed gates from our tweets or facebook posts, getting a really less-than-ideal first impression about the project. :)

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